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Tony's Auto Clinic

Tony's Auto Clinic is a locally owned and operated workshop based in Katikati, Western Bay of Plenty. It is our aim to provide a one stop shop for the owner of any modern vehicle. Quality service, workmanship and customer satisfaction are the foundation of our business philosophy.

Our quality Bosch trained technicians are available to provide a wide range of services on most modern vehicles. This includes WOF testing as well as all general service and repair work. To truly provide a quality of service that is above and beyond the general standard, it takes more then the right technical expertise. We have invested heavily in our equipment to ensure that we can carry out the specialized services that the owner of today's vehicles require. This includes (but is not limited to) specialized diagnostic equipment, tyre changing machinery, a modern wheel aligner that is kept maintained and in calibration and the latest Bosch air conditioning service station.

Tony's Auto Clinic also operates as service agents for the Renault and Isuzu brands of vehicles, our technicians receive factory based training and deliver a level of service equivalent to the dealership using all genuine parts, by getting your new Renault or Izuzu serviced with us your not only ensuring all your warranty obligations are met, your ensuring your vehicle is receiving the best level service possible, maintaining the condition of your new vehicle for the most from your resale value as well as future longevity.

As well as our services and equipment, we also pride ourselves in breaking workshop norms by having a clean, modern workshop geared around a positive customer experience, this includes a comfortable waiting area and well kept customer only toilet facilities.

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